Leadership Accelerator Training Program

Verus is proud to partner with Accelerate Transformation to provide fully customized leadership training, coaching, resume writing and interview preparation services that accelerate development and transform careers.


In our signature leadership training program the learning starts with a highly interactive 3-hour virtual or in-person training, covering 4 core topics:

  • Leadership Mindset

  • Direct Communication & Providing Feedback

  • Developing Relationships

  • Motivating and Inspiring Others

The session is customized to every organization, to address specific topics that are highly relevant to your business and needs of your leaders.

The learning doesn’t stop after the training session.  We know that the real return on investment comes from attendees applying the skills learned in the session to develop their leadership impact. Real behaviour change requires application and coaching.

We follow up the session with micro-learning moments that are delivered post-training, and 1:1 coaching for each participant to support them in their unique development goals.

During that time, we also measure impact, and at the end of our time together, are able to share results with your organization so you can continue to develop your corporate leadership culture.


Virtual Session: $3,500 for up to 10 participants + applicable tax. 

Additional participants can be added for an additional cost.


In Person: $3,500 for up to 10 participants + Travel Expenses + applicable tax.

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