Leadership Coaching

Verus is proud to partner with Accelerate Transformation to provide fully customized leadership training, coaching, resume writing and interview preparation services that accelerate development and transform careers.

A core part of our mission is helping our candidate clients tap into their unique strengths and story, so they can step into their potential in their careers and lives.

Imagine a reality where your work feels more aligned with your values, where you can make an impact, and where you are doing work that you are really, really good at. More importantly, could you imagine a reality where you prioritize how work fits into your life, and it fuels you rather than leaving you drained?

Our coaching offering – the Coaching Accelerator – is for individuals that are ready to step into a more aligned career. Whether you are taking on a leadership role, trying to figure out your strengths, transitioning to a new industry, or figuring out how to navigate interpersonal issues at work, we are here to help you define how you want to show up.  

We start our coaching relationships by mining your unique story, experiences, and strengths to establish a clear view of where you are today. We draw on our depth of experience in coaching, HR and personal development to choose the right assessments for your unique career situation – this may include psychometric assessments or narrative 360-degree feedback.

Then, we imagine what future possibilities lie ahead, and make a plan for how we can navigate what lies between.

In each session, we’ll dive into how you can use your unique strengths to show up authentically at work. Whatever leadership challenges stand in your way, our firm belief is that you need to stay grounded in your character, authenticity and purpose.

Our 3-month leadership coaching package includes:

  • Narrative 360 or SuccessFinder Strength Assessment

  • 6 x 1-hour Coaching Sessions

  • Development Plan

$1500 plus applicable tax


If you are interested in deployed leadership coaching within your organization for multiple leaders, get in touch to discuss a custom quote and bulk discounts.