Your Global Recruiting Partner

The right talent in the right way at the right time


There’s no denying it’s a candidate-driven market out there. Prospective employees are more discerning, more demanding and have sky-high expectations when it comes to taking on a new role.


They want more than just a competitive salary: they want flexibility in how and where they work, they want to spend time on projects that are meaningful to them and they want to align with a company that has a defined mission and clear values.


The Rules of Recruitment Have Changed 

Candidates aren’t playing the game the way they used to  – which means you can’t use the same old recruitment method you once did. ‘Post and pray’ hiring tactics simply won’t work. You need a tight recruitment process, a strong brand and a considered attraction and retention strategy to recruit the best talent.


That’s where we can help.

“I wish to thank you for helping us recruit and secure the proper candidate… It was a tall order, yet you provided us with a few excellent candidates, one of whom we hired.”


“We were very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the candidates and easily selected the perfect person for our team.”


“Your knowledge of our industry sets you apart from any other recruiting firm we have dealt with in the past.”


“It is with great pleasure to tell you that the candidate we hired has worked out beyond our/my expectations. This has allowed me once again to focus…”


“I have worked with numerous recruiters in my career but never one as professional and supportive as you.”


“We want to thank you for your efforts to find us a Marketing Assistant.”

Jeremy R.

“We will definitely contact Verus again for any future hiring requirements.”


“He consulted with us on the compensation model and made some sensible recommendations that helped us to create a win-win…”


“It’s refreshing to speak to someone who remembers your name and credentials and who is actively working on your behalf to find the best match for both you and your potential employer..”


“Of all the recruiters I have ever been in contact with, Dave is by far the most thorough I have ever encountered…”


“I’ve had the pleasure working with Dave on several occasions and highly recommend him and his team. Dave is a creative and intelligent professional with a strong background in sales and sales development…”


“…your ability to understand our company & our needs, your service standards & attention to detail were greatly appreciated.”


“David’s long experience in financial services makes him invaluable to anyone hiring in the industry.”

M & M

“David took the time to understand the whole picture & guided us through the recruiting and hiring process.”


“We recommend them without reservation to anyone who needs and appreciates expert advice and professional service.”


“I am pleased to offer my comments and recognition for work exceptionally well done by Verus, both in building our Performance Review processes and in aligning our various jobs to appropriate job descriptions and compensation modelling.”


“If you are looking for assistance in building or refreshing any area of your HR policies, I highly recommend Verus for their professionalism, commitment and transparency.”


“Our staff really enjoyed working with the Verus Team and both Management and the Board of Directors are extremely pleased with the results of the work and integrated into our Company.”


Attracting The Next Generation of Talent

Our team of professional recruiting consultants understands what today’s candidates want from prospective employers. And not just anecdotally. Our proven process and framework for sourcing and engaging candidates is backed up by more than 10 years of experience, data, insights and market intelligence.


We understand how to effectively target the right individuals for every role, honing in on qualified candidates and taking a deep dive into their background and experience. We then approach them with considered and personalized messaging that persuades them to connect and engage.


A Recruitment Partner For The Long-term


We’re not just a vendor, and we don’t look at our engagement as transactional. We’re a value-first team of recruiters you can work with today, tomorrow and 10 years from now. Our goal is to become your long-term recruitment partner when you don’t have the internal resources, skill, network or bandwidth to manage talent acquisition in-house. 


Our partnerships allow us to share invaluable market intelligence, candidate data, insights and feedback to help you strengthen and refine your recruitment strategy, from your interview process to your employer branding. We can help you fill positions, develop new positions and even build entire teams to help you grow your business. 


We’re also flexible when it comes to payment terms and can work with clients to find a fee structure and schedule that aligns with their needs. 


The Biggest ‘small’ Company in Recruitment  


Verus Recruiting Consultants employs recruitment experts across Canada and the US, with clients in North America, Europe and the Middle East.


Our team is made up of a dynamic mix of seasoned specialists with decades of recruitment experience. We’ve built our operation around the skills, expertise and knowledge of a senior team of hiring experts who have worked in the industry for more than 50 years collectively.


The make-up of the Verus Recruiting Consultants team leverages our years of recruitment experience and fresh insights from a new wave of young recruitment consultants. The diversity of our team helps our clients compete across verticals, markets and demographics.


Our clients also benefit from our extensive professional network of global candidates across a range of industries and job functions.


And like any good salesperson, we don’t stop until we’re successful. Our team is committed to doing whatever it takes to fill every role with the right candidate.