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 Workplace Reintegration (RTW)

Workplace reintegration programs are proactive ways for employers to help injured workers stay at work or return to productive and safe employment as soon as physically possible.
These programs are based on the philosophy that many injured workers can safely perform productive work during the process of recovery. Returning to work is seen as part of the therapy and recovery of the worker.

Having a program in place benefits both the worker and the employer in many ways. Some of the topics covered:

  • The duty to accommodate
  • Maintaining communication
  • Prognosis & restrictions
  • Developing a RTW plan


Conflict Resolution

Conflict is all around us. It’s not something we can choose to have or not have. Most conflicts would not spiral out of control if we use some easy to learn techniques.

Some topics covered:

  • Identify the signs of conflict
  • Win/win approach
  • Effectively use “I” statements


Corrective Action and Discipline

Performance problems are some of the most difficult and demanding issues managers face. Handling them
effectively requires you to exercise patience, self-control and good judgement. Managing in these situations can be difficult, but if your commitment is to working with the employee to get him or her back on track, the outcome – a committed employee who is performing well – is well worth the effort.

Some topics covered:

  • Understand why you should use corrective action
  • Review the steps in the corrective action process
  • Understand the types of behaviours that result in coaching and corrective action
  • Prepare for a corrective action conversation


Positive, Proactive Performance Reviews

Why do we dread that time of year when we have to put pen to paper and do the annual review? What if the
review process was engaging and really helped identify strengths and closed gaps? Time was utilized in the discussion process instead of filling out forms. Let us show you how it’s done!

  • Blow up the paperwork
  • Quarterly touch downs
  • Focus on the results
  • The benefits of focused conversations

 Managing Through Change

Change in today’s business environment is inevitable/ critical/ good business and it impacts many stakeholders. Proper planning the change event itself can be less traumatic and with proper management of the event in the following days, the recovery and transition to the new business reality can be smoother and more positive for all involved.

  • Driving Forces for Change
  • Defining Change and Transition Management
  • Change Saturation
  • The Transition Model & Overview of Reactions to Change
  • Basics of Helping Others Through Transition


 Meeting Your Termination Obligations

Making the choice to end the employment relationship with an employee is never easy. Involuntary employment separations can be a legal maze and prove costly. No matter how challenging the employee may be, the employer has a duty to provide for the employee. Learn the right ways to let employees go and avoid lengthy litigation.

  • Notice requirements
  • Severance requirements
  • Mass layoffs
  • Recall rights
  • Maintaining employee dignity
  • When to terminate
  • Just Cause vs. Dismissal Without Cause


 Attendance Management

Every year employers lose millions in lost productivity with employee absence. Creating a program and culture to encourage and motivate employees to attend work and stay engaged is crucial to meeting employer goals and objectives. This session will show how to;

  • Recognize the signs of attendance issues
  • Just how many absences are okay?
  • Culpable vs. Innocent absenteeism
  • Intervention strategies


Health & Safety: The Biggest Legal Burden for Employers

Safety at work should be a top priority for any employer. The legal obligations are enormous and the
legislation is immense. Ministry of Labour inspectors are regularly conducting “blitzes” to ensure compliance; orders and fines have increased substantially since 2006; new legislation and strengthening of current legislation is occurring every year.

  • Bill 168/Bill 132- Workplace Violence & Harassment
  • Working at Heights
  • Worker – Supervisor Safety Awareness
  • Creating a Health & Safety Program
  • Reporting obligations
  • Joint Health & Safety Committee