Employee Assessment Tools

At A Fraction Of The Time & The Cost Of Others


Human instinct is the power behind our actions. Understanding how instincts combine with intelligence and personality helps you to optimize the hiring, training, retention, and effectiveness of your team members.


Assessment tools have historically focused on measuring the cognitive (IQ) or the ‘affective’ (personality) parts of the mind. While these have been somewhat helpful, something has always been missing.

Assessing and understanding the instinctive ways your team members do things creates less stressful work environments where they are more productive in their positions.

Results You Can Count On

Employee Retention

Improve your employee retention rate. We help you keep your top talent, which is what can set you apart from other businesses.

Recruitment Tools

Take the guesswork out of recruitment. There’s more to recruiting than reading a CV. These tools enable you to understand what makes your top performers so effective. Use this insight to find your ideal candidate.

Performance Through Diversity

Remove unconscious bias from your recruitment process. The evidence shows that having a more diverse workforce improves business performance.

Manage Remote Workers

Manage your remote workers more effectively. We help you to better understand your people’s communication styles to keep them engaged and motivated.

Employee Development

Develop and retain your best people. We help you identify and nurture future leaders & improve employee engagement.

Industry Specific Tools

Find a solution specifically designed with your industry in mind. This includes Financial, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Technology, Energy, and Professional Services.