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Employee Assessment Tools

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Human instinct is the power behind our actions. Understanding how instincts combine with intelligence and personality helps you to optimize the hiring, training, retention and effectiveness of your team members.

Assessment tools have historically focused on measuring the cognitive (IQ) or the 'affective' (personality) parts of the mind. While these have been somewhat helpful, something has always been missing.

Assessing and understanding the instinctive ways your team members do things creates less stressful work environments where they are more productive in their positions.

Results You Can Count On

The Kolbe method used by our Consultants, frees people to use
their instinctive talents to drive individual and team productivity.

With this method, you will:

  • Boost team performance capabilities
  • Select the right people for the right jobs
  • Replicate the success of top performers
  • Reduce stress at work
  • Understand your team like never before

How We Can Help

  • Interactive Workshops, for groups of 5 and up, provide experiential learning that stimulates new thinking and a clear path to achievement.
  • Group Facilitation, for guiding your leadership team, will help sharpen your corporate vision. Compelling questions create an open dialogue that sparks innovation.
  • One-to-One Coaching, available for your leaders, focuses on developing abilities and meeting objectives through goal tracking and activity planning. Clear and concise communication are key to making all parties accountable to commitments and results.
Our highly trained and specialized Employee Assessment Consultants will custom tailor a remarkably cost-effective program just for you.

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