The Truth About Inexperience

The Truth About Inexperience When running a business, the conventional wisdom is to stick with hiring people with years of experience, but the truth is that inexperienced candidates can be a great choice too. Inexperienced candidates can be someone who is still in school, an intern, or a recent grad lacking the typical 3-5 years […]

Make The Most Of Losing Your Job

Our jobs are so closely related to our sense of self-worth that when things don’t go as planned, there is a tendency to lose the plot a little. The job loss may be our fault, it may not be, or it may be somewhere in between. The key thing to notice, however, is that it […]

Is Outplacement A Waste Of Money?

Is Outplacement A Waste Of Money? Why would a company pay to support a former employee in their future job search? “Surely there were reasons that this individual has been asked to leave – wouldn’t the money be better spent on the development of existing employees? We have no moral duty to this person beyond […]

Be Honest With Yourself

  How To Achieve Career Happiness Our lives are ruled by the opinions that influence us and the resultant choices that we make. The thing is that society encourages us to compare ourselves to others. You should be driving this car. You should be eating this food. You should be behaving in this way. You […]