I Don’t Know You

Would you walk into a networking event and refuse to meet people?  If you’re in business, this could be the kiss of death. In today’s virtual world, social tools like LinkedIn are today’s way of meeting people, growing our networks and building strategic partnerships. It always amazes me the amount of resistance we sometimes get […]

Should They Stay Or Should They Go

“If I go there will be trouble an’ if I stay it will be double. So come on and let me know… should I stay or should I go”. While the old familiar hit from The Clash was about personal relationships, much of it can easily apply to work relationships. Whether you are the owner […]

Is Outplacement A Waste Of Money?

Is Outplacement A Waste Of Money? Why would a company pay to support a former employee in their future job search? “Surely there were reasons that this individual has been asked to leave – wouldn’t the money be better spent on the development of existing employees? We have no moral duty to this person beyond […]


Why, when you say it’s performance review time, do you get so much resistance?  Typically managers cringe and employees groan.  Increasingly, today’s HR professionals are expected to bring forth initiatives that engage employees and drive performance.  Maybe it’s time for “out with the old and in with the new.” Think of your current performance review program; […]