Trust Your Recruiter

Do You Trust Your Recruiter?

Do You Trust Your Recruiter? You should. If you choose the right recruiter, they hold your future in their hands. It is a symbiotic relationship. You entrust them with helping you to find a new job, and they rely on you to be honest about your situation so that they have the best chance of […]

Ways to hunt for jobs during the pand

6 Tips for Job Hunting During COVID

The novel coronavirus has proven to be fatal – not just for millions of people worldwide but also for the global economy. Struggling to stay afloat, companies have been laying employees off left and right in a desperate attempt to keep their operational costs manageable. Needless to say, such a situation has dramatically changed the […]

Interacting with recruiters

10 Tips to Work Effectively with Recruiters

A skilled recruiter can make a world of difference to your employment prospects, especially during the current economic turmoil. A recruiter performs a wide range of roles, from helping you prepare for an interview to providing invaluable advice about how to market yourself. You could approach a recruiter for their services, or a recruiter might […]