Interacting with recruiters

10 Tips to Work Effectively with Recruiters

A skilled recruiter can make a world of difference to your employment prospects, especially during the current economic turmoil. A recruiter performs a wide range of roles, from helping you prepare for an interview to providing invaluable advice about how to market yourself. You could approach a recruiter for their services, or a recruiter might […]

Can't Make Decision to Hire

Don’t Be Afraid To Pull The Trigger

Making a new senior hire seems like such a big decision. The impact of the chosen executive has the potential to make or break your business, and you want to make absolutely sure that your business priorities are reflected in your choice. The process goes smoothly, you have a good choice of candidates, each with […]

LinkedIn Networking

I Don’t Know You

Would you walk into a networking event and refuse to meet people? If you’re in business, this could be the kiss of death. In today’s virtual world, social tools like LinkedIn are today’s way of meeting people, growing our networks and building strategic partnerships. It always amazes me the amount of resistance we sometimes get […]