Verus History

Why We Do This

We started Verus because there were so many flaws with the Recruiting Industry. Having been on the other side of the desk, we saw a huge credibility gap in the market, and we knew we could do better.


Verus was founded with the express goal of being able to provide a fresh perspective and a unique approach to Professional Recruitment, HR Services, Outplacement and Employee Assessments in an otherwise crowded & generic marketplace.


Verus continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries such as financial services, technology, business services, consumer products, manufacturing, and much more.


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Why Verus?

Our model dictates that to join Verus, a Consultant must have a robust career history, deep knowledge of particular industries, a comprehensive personal & professional network of industry pros and expert level experience in their respective field.


Our significant career, life, and consulting experience mean we are able to provide exceptional value to our clients. It is this commitment to partnering with professionals that have real-world experience that makes all the difference.


We’re also training the next generation of recruitment and HR professionals. These young, switched-on and connected junior team members work alongside our tenured staff to learn the ropes and refine their skills, while still providing considerable value to the team.


The make-up of the Verus Recruiting Consultants team leverages our years of recruitment & HR experience as well as fresh insights from a new wave of young consultants. The diversity of our team helps our clients compete across verticals, markets and demographics.


We’ve Been In Your Shoes


Our management team has been where you are now. We’ve hired for countless roles, trained incoming staff, mentored young professionals, built organizational teams and restructured them during difficult times.


We understand the specific challenges you face as a hiring manager, business owner or HR professional, and our team is here to help you solve them.


“I wish to thank you for helping us recruit and secure the proper candidate… It was a tall order, yet you provided us with a few excellent candidates, one of whom we hired.”


“We were very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the candidates and easily selected the perfect person for our team.”


“Your knowledge of our industry sets you apart from any other recruiting firm we have dealt with in the past.”


“It is with great pleasure to tell you that the candidate we hired has worked out beyond our/my expectations. This has allowed me once again to focus…”


“I have worked with numerous recruiters in my career but never one as professional and supportive as you.”


“We want to thank you for your efforts to find us a Marketing Assistant.”

Jeremy R.

“We will definitely contact Verus again for any future hiring requirements.”


“He consulted with us on the compensation model and made some sensible recommendations that helped us to create a win-win…”


“It’s refreshing to speak to someone who remembers your name and credentials and who is actively working on your behalf to find the best match for both you and your potential employer..”


“Of all the recruiters I have ever been in contact with, Dave is by far the most thorough I have ever encountered…”


“I’ve had the pleasure working with Dave on several occasions and highly recommend him and his team. Dave is a creative and intelligent professional with a strong background in sales and sales development…”


“…your ability to understand our company & our needs, your service standards & attention to detail were greatly appreciated.”


“David’s long experience in financial services makes him invaluable to anyone hiring in the industry.”

M & M

“David took the time to understand the whole picture & guided us through the recruiting and hiring process.”


“We recommend them without reservation to anyone who needs and appreciates expert advice and professional service.”


“I am pleased to offer my comments and recognition for work exceptionally well done by Verus, both in building our Performance Review processes and in aligning our various jobs to appropriate job descriptions and compensation modelling.”


“If you are looking for assistance in building or refreshing any area of your HR policies, I highly recommend Verus for their professionalism, commitment and transparency.”


“Our staff really enjoyed working with the Verus Team and both Management and the Board of Directors are extremely pleased with the results of the work and integrated into our Company.”


Meet The Leadership Team

Our culture, which is boldly independent and entrepreneurial, is very much in demand today

allowing us to attract some of the best, brightest and most caring professionals in Canada, the US and abroad.

David Ford

Founder & CEO

David founded Verus with the express goal of being able to provide a fresh perspective and a unique approach to Recruitment & HR Services in an otherwise crowded & generic marketplace.

The Company was launched in 2012 initially to leverage his Sales & Management experience in Financial Services, but has now grown to a sizable team of highly professional and caring Recruiting Consultants across Canada and the US.

David has nearly 30 years of Sales and Senior Management experience and prior to founding Verus, managed large inside and outside sales teams all across the country with some of the largest financial institutions in Canada.

He has many years of experience recruiting & training from an actual Sales Manager’s seat and understands the challenges faced by all levels of Sales, HR and Management. David focuses on the development and success of his international team, but also maintains recruitment expertise of highly skilled Sales & Management talent right across Canada and the US.

Albert Gidge

Senior VP | General Manager

Albert brings to Verus 20+ years of combined experience in Recruitment and Relationship Management, from both within and outside the Recruitment/HR Consulting Industry.

He has extensive experience across many industries, including but not limited to Consumer Goods & Services, Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Information Technology.

As Senior VP he will focus on working with our external partners to strengthen our relationships, while also acting as a strategic partner in the areas of organizational structure, talent management and succession planning. As part of the Verus leadership team, Albert plays a key role in the development and execution of Organizational and Operational strategies, including Talent Attraction, Training & Development, Strategic Partnerships and Community/Social Initiatives.

Albert’s success and effectiveness has allowed him to be recognized as a valuable and trusted business partner.  His commitment to excellence and desire to go above and beyond, along with his passion to help our partners achieve their goals is the cornerstone of Verus Recruiting Consultants.

Anna Race

Senior VP | Canada / USA

As Senior VP and member of the leadership team, Anna is tasked with growing and managing various HR services and strategic recruitment initiatives.

As a professional recruiting consultant, Anna focuses on connecting top talent with respected companies across Canada and the USA, specializing in Human Resources, Financial Services and Sales Management.

Anna’s passion for and commitment to Human Resources over the past 20 years, has driven a successful career in Recruitment and Human Resources. Working with national and global companies, she has played a key role in engaging and developing employees, and placing top talent in the right roles. She has collaborated closely with business partners to realize their vision and strengthen their organization’s human capital.

With a consultative approach, Anna and her team deliver cost-effective solutions to reduce the pain and risk associated with running a business today. With her deep insight into Human Resources and her understanding of people, Anna leverages a unique recruitment perspective. She has a keen ability to quickly understand a distinctive business culture and the impact of having the right fit. Anna has been highly successfully placing the right candidate to the right role.

Jayson French

Vice-President | Head of Sales

An experienced and successful relationship builder and solution provider, Jayson joins Verus with over 14 years of senior sales experience.

With an extensive background in both inside and outside sales, Jayson enjoys combining his analytical and problem solving abilities with a consultative, needs-based approach in order to offer creative solutions that set clients up for long term success.
With experience coaching, training, and providing career development for other sales professionals, Jayson has spent over a decade managing sales regions for some of the largest institutions in Canada.
Having worked with and within large organizations as well as very small and mid-sized companies, Jayson understands the challenges that Business Owners, HR and Executives face on a daily basis. Not least among those challenges is the difficulty of finding, training and retaining highly qualified and effective candidates and employees.