About Us


Why We Do This

We started Verus because there were so many flaws with the Recruiting Industry. Having been on the other side of the desk, we saw a huge credibility gap in the market, and we knew we could do better.

Verus was founded with the express goal of being able to provide a fresh perspective and a unique approach to Professional Recruitment,  HR Services, Outplacement and Employee Assessments in an otherwise crowded & generic marketplace.


Our Model

Our model dictates that to join Verus, a Consultant must have a robust career history, deep knowledge of particular industries, a comprehensive personal & professional network of industry professionals and expert level experience in their respective field.

Our significant career, life and consulting experience means we are able to provide exceptional value to our clients. It is this commitment to partnering with professionals that have ‘real world’ experience that makes all the difference.


Meet The Leadership Team

Our culture, which is boldly independent and entrepreneurial, is very much in demand today allowing us to attract some of the best, brightest and most caring professionals in Canada, the US and abroad.

David Ford CEO
David Ford
Albert Gidge GM, SVP Verus Recruiting Consultants Inc.
Albert Gidge
GM & Senior VP
Anna Race SVP, HR Services Verus Recruiting Consultants Inc.
Anna Race
Senior VP
Jayson French, Head of Sales, Verus Consultants
Jayson French
VP, Head of Sales

What People Say

"Our staff really enjoyed working with the Verus Team and both Management and the Board of Directors are extremely pleased with the results of the work and integrated into our Company."

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"If you are looking for assistance in building or refreshing any area of your HR policies, I highly recommend Verus for their professionalism, commitment and transparency."

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"I am pleased to offer my comments and recognition for work exceptionally well done by Verus, both in building our Performance Review processes and in aligning our various jobs to appropriate job descriptions and compensation modelling."

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"Your professionalism and dedication has been such a breath of fresh air. You made everything so clear and seamless and I felt reassured at every turn."


“We recommend them without reservation to anyone who needs and appreciates expert advice and professional service.”

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M. Adams

“I’ve had the pleasure working with Dave on several occasions and highly recommend him and his team. Dave is a creative and intelligent professional with a strong background in sales and sales development…”

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“We will definitely contact Verus again for any future hiring requirements.”

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“It is with great pleasure to tell you that the candidate we hired has worked out beyond our/my expectations. This has allowed me once again to focus…”

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YES! My Company may need help recruiting. 

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