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21st Century Companies need modern, professional and robust business partners, who can add REAL value.

We are that partner

A diversified investment portfolio contains various components designed to provide different benefits at different times. A portfolio manager pulls together all the appropriate elements for you, because they have the resources, training and dedicated experience to really do it right.

Just like Verus

Think of us as your Recruitment & HR portfolio manager.

We pull together best-in-class professional Recruiting,  Human Resources, Outplacement and Training & Assessment Consultants to provide a congruent suite of services designed for today’s businesses and modern job seekers.


Verus is wholly committed to connecting and aligning people and process to have a profound business impact. With best in class, expert consultants, we deliver the gold standard in Recruiting, Assessment and Outplacement Services on a global scale.


To be the valued Recruitment business partner of great companies locally and internationally who seek to become exceptional companies; to be the trusted full-service recruitment resource for high performing talent and to connect them with those companies.


"Our staff really enjoyed working with the Verus Team and both Management and the Board of Directors are extremely pleased with the results of the work and integrated into our Company."

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"If you are looking for assistance in building or refreshing any area of your HR policies, I highly recommend Verus for their professionalism, commitment and transparency."

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"I am pleased to offer my comments and recognition for work exceptionally well done by Verus, both in building our Performance Review processes and in aligning our various jobs to appropriate job descriptions and compensation modelling."

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T. Lynch

“We recommend them without reservation to anyone who needs and appreciates expert advice and professional service.”

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M. Adams

“David took the time to understand the whole picture & guided us through the recruiting and hiring process.”

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“David’s long experience in financial services makes him invaluable to anyone hiring in the industry.”

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M & M

“…your ability to understand our company & our needs, your service standards & attention to detail were greatly appreciated.”

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“I’ve had the pleasure working with Dave on several occasions and highly recommend him and his team. Dave is a creative and intelligent professional with a strong background in sales and sales development…”

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“Of all the recruiters I have ever been in contact with, Dave is by far the most thorough I have ever encountered…”

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“It’s refreshing to speak to someone who remembers your name and credentials and who is actively working on your behalf to find the best match for both you and your potential employer..”

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“He consulted with us on the compensation model and made some sensible recommendations that helped us to create a win-win…”

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“We will definitely contact Verus again for any future hiring requirements.”

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” We want to thank you for your efforts to find us a Marketing Assistant.”

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Jeremy R.

“I have worked with numerous recruiters in my career but never one as professional and supportive as you."

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“It is with great pleasure to tell you that the candidate we hired has worked out beyond our/my expectations. This has allowed me once again to focus…”

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“Your knowledge of our industry sets you apart from any other recruiting firm we have dealt with in the past.”

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“We were very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the candidates and easily selected the perfect person for our team.”

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“I wish to thank you for helping us recruit and secure the proper candidate… It was a tall order, yet you provided us with a few excellent candidates, one of whom we hired.”

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saulo-mohana-wNz7_5EvUWU-unsplash (1)
The Return To Work Interview?

While many great companies have a solid level of engagement and communication with their teams, there is perhaps one more thing that can be done right now which many Leaders may not have thought of: “The Return To Work Interview.”

Trust Your Recruiter
Do You Trust Your Recruiter?

Do You Trust Your Recruiter? You should. If you choose the right recruiter, they hold your future in their hands. It is a symbiotic relationship. You entrust them with helping you to find a new job, and they rely on you to be honest about your situation so that they have the best chance of […]

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