Bill 132 Action Plan

Bill 132 coming Sept 8 Verus HR Consultants

Bill 132 is coming September 8th

Are You Ready?

Bill 132 makes amendments to the Occupational Health & Safety Act, which places additional duties on  Employers to ensure a safe workplace.

Employers will be obligated to develop a plan, implement policies and procedures to measure, assess and reduce the risk of workplace violence and harassment.

The requirements under the  Act are extensive, and will require a concerted effort to ensure compliance.

Get it wrong, and Employers could face significant hardships, in the form of fines*or worse. 

We Can Help

With a complete, cost-effective Action Plan

  • We will write the required policy for you, and combine workplace harassment and violence prevention policies and programs into one “respectful workplace” policy
  • Work with your Health and Safety Representative and assist with developing the required program
  • Create the required communication plan, including all written documents and information posters
  • Provide a 1-800 number, and be your third party reporting mechanism
  • Provide onsite & offsite training and online e-learning on workplace investigations
  • Conduct confidential and respectful investigations when incidents occur

The need for better policies, procedures and communication for workplace violence and harassment has never been more urgent.


Recently, an Ontario organization was hit with a $125,000 fine after one of its employees was physically assaulted in the workplace.